InstaLib - jQuery Instagram Library

So the past couple of weeks, I've been working on an Instagram jQuery Library, InstaLib ( Working Title ). My goal is basically to create a simple and extensive library in which to build Instagram plugins, components and clients with easily with Javascript/jQuery. Also another main reason for creating this is because, checking the libraries on the Instagram Dev site, there actually wasn't a Javascript or jQuery version which is pretty mind boggling. Its working great so far, missing a few features such as GeoLocation and deleting comments. Other than that, everything else is working great so far.

Currently you can grab the source over at Github. I hope to have some simple Documentation up by the end of the week. Also being open source, I hope some of you jQuery Experts to tear this library apart and make it the best it can be. In addition to the Instagram API's, this library also caches login information on the users computer using Local Storage. I might implement some sort of image caching as well to help avoid going over API limits.

I set out to provide support for the latest browsers and will not be providing support for older browsers. So it might work work in older browsers, but if it doesnt, it will never will ( I hate old browsers! ). That is unless someone wants to fork it and provide checks, etc for older browsers. But hopefully people can find use in this library. I'll provide a few examples of how to use the library, so everyone can get the gist of how it works.

Download InstaLib


Code snippet - Logging In with InstaLib
Code snippet - Get User Feed
Code snippet - Like a Photo

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